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Haunted by the past, driven by dark desires...

The Confetti Killer won first place in the Paul Gillette literary contest under the title Born to Kill.

In the 1980s, the Confetti Killer terrorized Chicago, leaving a trail of blood and glitter. Fifty years after the infamous unsolved slayings, a copycat killer thrusts Kylie Watts' upcoming book into the limelight. Normally, she holes up in her Virginia home and writes true crime, using her dreams of the past to solve cold cases. She hopes to put the original Confetti Killer nightmares to rest by cracking the fifty-year-old mystery.

Detective Egan forces Kylie out of seclusion and into the current day investigation. Her intimate knowledge of the cold case and uncanny insight into the Confetti Killer's mind arouse his suspicions. His penchant for blondes and addiction to the powerful narcotic Tranquility further cloud his judgment. While chasing the killer, her seductive powers lure him into her bleak world of pain and deception.

WARNING * * * Unlike my YA Ripsters series, this thriller is fairly gritty and is adult fiction.

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